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    As Naru said in the last post, I believe the streotype can be created by the Internet. Especially,the young generation and children must have the greatest influence by it. According to the research wich is conducted by Dina Demner, she talked about her worries about  the way that children use the Internet.

Parents and teachers consider Internet to be a primarily educational/developmental tool. The Kids.net study showed that children find the Internet easy to use, and like to use it for fun, games, e-mail, chat and instant messaging. Two-thirds of the children think that it helps them with their learning, and one-third would like to use it for lessons if they were home sick from school. [13] Children also go online for learning activities that are not connected directly with school. The absence of information filters, such as editors and peer reviewing, on the Internet presents a challenge to students, who are using the web to find information for their assignments. Children cannot properly estimate the validity of the information they find on the web. They rely upon search engines and accept information in visually appealing easily accessible pages. [7] Potential exposure of children to controversial information on the web resulted in many practical guidelines on Internet safety for parents and children and the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 on the Internet.[1] This act provides an official definition of a website directed to children. However, despite the abundance of web sites for kids, principles of web design for children are not yet well defined. Kids’ active, extensive and rapidly growing presence on the Internet poses both a challenge and an opportunity for researchers and web designers.

    As the Internet became more accessible, here come the problem that it’s not possible to censor every website or video. There are plenty of useful and educational resouces on the website, however, it also exist numerous harmful and inappropriate informations or pictures at the same time.

    Adults might know how to select those useful  informations from the website, but how about the teenagers and children?   without the correct  guidance on how to use Internet, it is very likely that children will absorb all the information they find on the web completely.

  By using the Internet in this dangerous way, children can easily form their own viwpoints and stereotypes towards the world. They beleive what they see on the youtube’s video, they agree what they read on other people’s bog, they start to see the world in a certain way. Maybe they will alter their thoughts when they grow up and gain more education and experience, however we can’t deny that they already formed some stereotypes in mind before changing them. And to some people, it is even difficult to challenge those views that they already had in childhood.


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  After reading sevaral news about China’s censorship, I found another interesting  report which is posted on June 2009 on CNET News.

  China’s government plans to require all PCs sold in that country as of July 1 to be shipped with software that blocks certain Web sites, according to a report in The Wall Street Journal.

The move, which is expected to give government censors heightened control over how China’s citizens use the Internet, is intended to protect young people from “harmful” content such as pornography, according to the software’s main developer.

The software, called “Green Dam-Youth Escort,” would block access to banned Web sites by connecting to a regularly updated database of banned sites and block access to those addresses, according to the report. The requirement is aimed at “constructing a green, healthy, and harmonious Internet environment, and preventing harmful information on the Internet from influencing and poisoning young people,” according to a May 19 Chinese government notice the newspaper cited.

The Chinese government has a reputation for restricting its citizens’ access to the Internet.

Last week, on the 20th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre, China reportedly blocked access to Web sites like Twitter, Yahoo’s Flickr, YouTube, Microsoft Hotmail, Live.com, WordPress, Blogger, and many other social-networking sites.

Internet censorship in China took center stage last year during the Beijing Olympic Games when it was revealed that the International Olympic Committee had cut a deal to let the Chinese government block international journalist’ access to sensitive Web sites, despite promises of unrestricted access.

    As the great developement of technology, China starts to catch up with some of the most advanced countries in the west. However, there are still the huge differences between them. Chinese government set up the great firewall in order to controll informations on the Internet, people in China are not free to surf some websites, they can not browse certain news that is talking about Chinese government, and they can not post articles which invoved the sensitive ketwords on their blog. Under this strict firewall, every information that Chinese people gain are already censored by the government in advance. it sounds very scary and unbelievable, just like you are being isolated from the real world, the news you see on the TV might controlled and made by the authorities, the informations you absorb on the website could also be falsified already. Even worse, the beleif that you always hold might also be wrong and it is created by the government too. 

  Without opening the Internet, Chinese peple will live in their own world forever, according to one report on the BBC NEWS, ” the news and information in today’s China should only be what it calls “healthy” and “in the public interest“.” Which is another way of controlling people’s thinking, and it is not an appropriate way of using the technology, therefore, Internet shouldn’t be strangled by the Chinese authorities anymore !

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